La Gaironada

La Gaironada



It is no secret that Catalonia´s gastronomic landscape is very rich and diverse. From the “embutidos” (cold meats), to the delicious “calçots” (a type of sweet onion) and “pa amb tomaquet” (toasted farmer´s bread covered with tomato, garlic, olive oil and salt), the typical catalan cuisine is a joy to the palate.

But have you ever heard of the “Gaironada”, a gastronomic festival with the sea urchin as protagonist. In 1992, the local government of Girona decided to organize “flavour festivals” to promote the Costa Brava, the villages of Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc more specifically.

The “Gaironada” is held in the middle of the winter towards the end of January until March, when the sea is tranquil and the sea urchin is at its best.

You can enjoy the festivities by ordering one of the typical sea urchin menus or even spend a weekend with accommodation included.

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